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It’s that time of year!  Time for pumpkin spice, decorations, gifts, and of course, GIVEAWAYS!

I’m so excited about releasing my new Holiday Home Collection that I’m giving away one of my best selling Christmas Decoration Sets!

Bring back the fervor and fun of the holidays with this splendid and happy Candy Cane Tree Topper Bow Set!

The large bow would be dazzling on top of your Christmas tree, but could also be used as a door, chair, stair rail, mailbox, mantel wreath, large gift, or lamp post decoration.

The smaller bows have multiple uses as well. They would look captivating placed on your Christmas tree as ornaments, or you could use them on your Christmas gifts as well!


  • THIS IS A COMPLETE SET that includes one large tree topper bow, and 12 smaller tree decoration bows.
  • The large tree-topper bow is made of 2.5 inch wired Candy Cane Striped Velvet ribbon.
  • The large tree-topper bow measures approximately 12″ wide with four 6 feet long tails.
  • The bow is not round, but flat on one side.
    A chenille stem is placed on the back of the bow to easily attach to your tree, or anywhere else you need to place your bow.
  • The smaller tree decoration bows are made of 1.5 inch candy cane velvet striped wired ribbon.
  • Each bow measures approximately 6 inches wide with two 6 inch tails.
  • These smaller bows also have chenille wire stems which make them a cinch to attach to any tree or gift.
  • Since these bows are wired, they can be stored and re-used year after year!

This is the LAST set available in my shop and WILL NOT be sold again, so hurry up and ENTER NOW!

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