You are why I do what I do

How you helped Darling Chic Design become a reality.

I am thrilled that everyone who uses my designer bows knows they are getting one-of-a kind, quality decor perfect for events worth remembering.

~Karisa Cloutier, Darling Chic Design

Before I created Darling Chic Design,  I worked as an Elementary School music teacher, creating baskets for school events, friends, and family members.  I looked up a youtube video, taught myself how to make baskets, and also, how to make beautiful bows to make my baskets stand out.

Then one day... 

People started telling me that they were keeping the bows I made for their baskets!  They were putting them on lampposts, mailboxes, chairs, and wreaths.

I never thought that someone would actually spend money on a bow!  I thought anyone could make a bow, so why would they buy one!

But then I would hear things like “I tried to make a bow for myself, but it just turned out to be a disaster” and “I wanted to make beautiful pew decor for my wedding, but I just ran out of time.”

I decided to set out and create the most enchanting designer bows for the most amazing clients in the world.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

I was a music teacher… I had no clue how to run a handmade business.  I was almost 40 and didn’t even know that I was really crafty!

So Google was my friend. 

I researched.  I studied other designer bow makers, I found the most amazing handmade business coach, who helped me with all the outs and in’s of the handmade business spectrum.

Even when some of my friends said “Bows, are you serious? Are people going to buy that?”, it didn’t matter.  I had done my research and I knew there was a need for what I had- and I was ready to share!

Through it all, I released my first products and the response has been incredible.

Darling Chic Design is one of the top handmade bow design shops in the U.S., and still growing!

The best part? 

I am able to create distinctive decor for others, that helps to add that perfect touch to a memorable moment in their life- you can’t put a price on that feeling.


Your favorite bow maker,

Karisa C.